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Aligning Your Business With Law

Quazi Hasan Al Banna

Profile PictureWorking in different national and multinational organizations for around 15 years, Quazi has become proficient in multiple fields such as Legal /Compliance, HR & Organizational Development, Project Management, Business Development, IT-Planning and Managing etc.

He is proficient in planning and managing large projects successfully within the agreed time and budget. Quazi is also adept in handling multinational clienteles worldwide.

Quazi has successfully completed numerous projects /assignments that he was involved in throughout his career and has introduced or implemented new management style /approaches /ideas /procedures in the projects.

In respect to his negotiating-skill coupled with his legal & regulatory expertise, Quazi used to be assigned to manage the contract-signing procedures playing the leading roles in most of the organizations that he worked.

Quazi has got trainings on Corporate Governance, HR Management & Development, Business Management, Project Management and IT. He is a quick-learner, sincere, dependable and devoted team-player who is competent to work with others towards a team goal.